Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness


So I saw the latest MCU entry this year and this was 100% one of my most anticipated movies of 2022 not just for the fact that this is opening a new element to the marvel universe but also because it saw the return of the GOAT of the superhero movie genre in Sam Rami.

The film picks up where we left Doctor strange at the end of Spider-Man no way home. Attending the wedding of his former love interested Christine when all of a sudden a disaster happens within New York and the newest addition to the marvel roster America Charvez is being attacked by a creature from another dimension.

As with any review I dont want to give anything away in terms of spoilers and there’s lots here that can get spoilt! From surprise cameos to character arcs that’s finally pay off!

Talking of characters one thing you take from this film is you really start to care about the Doctor Strange character line up! First up Wong is so good in this film he feels like that Wong is now the replacement for Nick Fury and the way in which he commands the members of kamatash is really good he adds a very heart felt element to the movie and the buddy friendship between him and strange is even better in this one.

Next up with have Stephen this is the first time I have cared about dr strange as a character I really feel he is sitting in my top tier MCU characters now the arc he has been on since his first solo film through to endgame really shows in this film and he is a force to be feared in this film!

WANDA MAXIMOFF wins this film for me, the arc she has been on since age of ultron really comes to a head in this film and we really see the full power and what a terrifying power that the Scarlett Witch poses she is scary as hell in this film.

The film it’s self is scary like scary loads of horror cuts and jumps in this film, which is what Sam Rami brings to the fold he really pushes what you can do for a film rated 12 in the UK! The way in which he brings his directorial flare to this makes this marvel film feel very fresh and a change of pace from what was before.

This film jumps around a few multiverses but I wouldn’t say it was a madness I think this will be underwhelming for a few people but however you do get enough from this to be excited as to what is possible to come in the MCU

I’m not unaware that this film will split the fandom but I really enjoyed it I would say you really need to see the spectacle at the cinema so go and see it now!


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