Vengeance, Vikings and Volcanos…

The Northman Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Robert Eggers latest spectacular film The Northman is currently in cinema, and if you are a fan of Eggers previous work in the Lighthouse and the VVitch then you are going to love this. Even if you have not seen the man’s previous directorial masterpieces there is something for you here.

In what seems the be the year of vengeance movies, we see Alex Skarsgard lead this Viking epic, a tale of love and loss and what it means to one man who had every thing taken from him at a young age but those who he thought he could trust! The film also stars Anna Taylor Joy, Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman alongside some other Stella famous faces, everyone in this film delivers a powerhouse of a performance and is a example of not just great direction but also a well written script and story.

The visuals of this film much like Eggers previous films are unreal, the beautiful landscape shots to the bloody violence and of course in pure Robert Eggers fashion those trippy WTF moments we have grown to expect from his films. With a genre blending style of action epic and horror sprinkled with a historical sword and sandles vibe! The way the cinematography lends its self to the story telling is something to behold and as mentioned those WTF moments in the film bring you into a mystical culture that was able to conquer a lot of the known world of the time. Norse mythology is lent into a lot in this movie with its imagery and cultural aspects littered throughout the film.

The action in this is brutal I actually felt myself go oooo ahh at some sections of this and it’s just out right brutality right up until the closing scroll is something that keeps the pace of this film going. The action is helped with the beautiful sound of this film the way the blood splatters and the way in which you feel every stab every head being stuck form the shoulders is something to behold and is also helped along by the fantastic score that accompanies the film.

Skarsgard and Taylor Joy are a great paring both sink into the characters and become something else Taylor Joy is perfect as the female counterpart a strong and powerful and some what mystical character in her nature! But for me Alex Skarsgard does something amazing in this film he becomes the character so much you forget it’s an acting performance he is an animal he is next level in this when you see the attack on the village early in this film he is terrifying the man is jacked and angry and you can feel that angry up until the end of the film. This felt like the role he was born to play amazing!

Overall I would say this is my favourite Robert Eggers film to date and all I can say is get out there while you can to see it!


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