Once upon a time in a circus..



So I saw nightmare alley, the newest entry into the crazy mind and back catalog of the modern fairytale genius Guillermo Del Toro.

The story follows the handsome con artist Bradley Cooper as he joins a circus run by the always crazy basted that is Willem Dafoe!

The over all film was excellent I love the cinematography in this film the colour pallet is beautifully dull but has that Del Toro charm sprinkled in it transporting you to a world that looks familiar and yet also very fantasy like at the same time.

The creepy unease that’s throughout the film is great with some amazing subtle horror elements mixed with a thriller type vibe keep you very much invested throughout the whole film!

Pacing is something Del Toro does so well and keeps you glued to the screen throughout the run time as the film is almost like two films in one ( you’ll have to see it to understand what I mean) it doesn’t feel like a slog and you are very interested in all the characters we come across through the journey!

The film like I said has that modern fairy tale vibe that we have come to know from Del Toro in past films like the Shape of Water setting this in the roaring 20s gives a place we know and yet also feels like something out of a fairytale due this being now 100 years ago!

This dark twisted tale ends in a way that is so bleak you will question your own life’s choices!! Go and see this while you can!!

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