Better Call John Wick

Nobody Review

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“Never take a mans Kitty Cat bracelet”

Let me start off by saying I bloody love this film, it ticks every box that I could ever need it to tick, please give me more. NOW!

Nobody follows the seemingly average life of a man named Hutch, who one day just snaps and seems to revert back to a life that he once tried to leave when his family home is robbed. The John Wick formula once again used in full force, don’t judge a book by its cover older actor action film.

The films starts off with us seeing a week in the life of Hutch, the mundane life he lives missing the bin men ( I mean this enough to drive anyone mad anyway) and the boring nine to five job flashes by in the barrage of imagery. Then one fateful night his house is attacked by two home invaders that has just chosen his house at random. But hutch then goes off on a slight rampage after not defending his house which then sets into the motion the film.

Bob Odenkirk better known for his comedic roles rather than action and his role as the popular lawyer Saul in the breaking bad show and then subsequent stand alone series really plays this role well, you can see the killer that’s lurking behind his eyes during the whole film.

Nobody (2021) (from left) A bus thug (Alain Moussi) and Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) in Nobody, directed by Ilya Naishuller.

One of the stand outs of this film is the action its is brutal, the John Wick references are huge in this film but a big one of those is the fight choreography especially in the bus scene, I bought into Bob being our next big action star. Would love to see more from this character and him as a acting taking on more roles like this.

If you know me when it comes to film if you sell me on the movie with your score or music I am in, and this film really does use both well using some more popular music for the fight scenes and dramatically classical music for character revels it hooked me in and kept me engaged throughout – any film that uses Andy Williams “Impossible Dream” is always going to be a 5/5 to me.

The supporting cast is so good but I don’t want to say to much as it might contain some spoilers but the ending of the film is soooo good, just more of this please.

Another great aspect of the film is the direction, the pace of the film is great and there’s enough dramatical scenes mixed with epic fight scenes and action ones including character development which over the short run time is no small order.

The only real crisitsm of this film is the fact its too short, at 87 mins in the run time I just wanted more but that’s just me being greedy.

Give this film a watch when you can its currently stream on Sky/Now in the UK

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