Top 5 Bromance Films.

“Dylan you Son of a Bitch”

5. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Let’s face it Bruce Wayne just secretly wants to be Clarks best mate, but unfortunately for Bruce The man of the Steel is a big fan of playing hard to get. Who among us hasn’t felt like punching our best bro in the face once in a while, I feel you Brucey my man.

4. Hot Fuzz

To be fair I couldn’t of pick any of the cornetto trilogy but I feel like the bromance between Sgt Angel and PC Butterman is the best of the 3, forced together to defend the village from the crazy neighbourhood watch alliance gives a great bromance and also a very meta look at all the bromance and 90s action tropes that this film is poking fun at.

3. Lord of the Rings ( just the whole series)

Hey this film is the ultimate bromance fan fiction a tale about a few groups of mates off on adventure and quest to defeat evil, its all us humans want in life right!? From Frodo and Sam and the top lads Legolas, Gimli and the king of men Aragorn this film feels the need of those bromantic films.

2. Bad Boys

I mean this has to be on the list, what a film!! Just two best mates kicking ass and taken names, with expert bro film director Micheal Bay this film hits all the marks in terms of great chemistry and overall amazing action shots. THIS IS THE BROMANCE OF ALL BROMANCES!!

1. Point Break

It had to be didn’t it? Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, Surfing, Robing banks and high speed chases in mid air whilst jumping out of a place!! The film centres around the love these two guys have for each otters I swear! Both face the ultimate choice to stay being best bro’s or to end each other, the issue is neither knows what they want! Not only one of the best films ever made, but 100% the best bromance film anyone can watch.

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