Ethan Hunt visits rural Japan in this Impossible Mission to save the Samurai

“This was a good conversation”


This is the perfect film! 

The perfect cast, the perfect score, the perfect cinematography and the perfect direction. 

Tom cruise is outstanding, this is easily his best performance ever! He plays the troubled warrior so well a man who questions his own experience and life! Finding peace with the samurai! Cruise gives one of the most emotional performances he’s ever did and will easily stay long with you even after the film has ended! 

Ken Watanabe is a power house in this film, he has such a presence when he is on screen and gives a excellent portrayal of a samurai and embodies the teachings of these ancient warriors! The supporting cast in this fantastic everyone gives a Oscar worthy performance! 

The pacing of this film is amazing the runtime flys by and you get really swept in the historical settings and the beautiful scenery of rural Japan!  

I also will pay anyone good money if you can hold back the tears at the end of the film you are either heartless or just have no emotions!! It gets me every time.

A beautiful score set by Hans Zimmer the king of the cinematic score elevates the emotional scenes and the epic battles in this picture

If you have never seen this film please do yourself a favour and watch this right away!

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