Don’t look up…but definitely look at this film!

Don’t look up Review!

“This feels to close to home…and not in a good way”


This was a massive surprise I really didn’t have high hopes for this even with it’s stacked cast and director! However this was a great surprise! 

Leo just disappears into the role of Randall Mindy looking like everyone’s secondary school ( or high school ) science teacher the characters journey into stardom due to the catastrophic  situation himself and Jennifer Lawerence’s character find themselves intertwined with is great and I feel a true representation of most normal people when they taste a bit  of the celebrity life! 

The parallels and political satire in this does feel sometimes too close to home with the presidency feeling like the trump administration and then the whole handling of the Covid 19 pandemic as well! However the way it’s handle is very good in the sense the humour hits when it needs to and keeps you interested to see how they will fail next! 

Adam McKay is is fast becoming one of favourite directors his overall direction and tone on the film is amazing and makes this 2hour 18 runtime feel seem less! 

Also hats off to Leo having a age appropriate family as well haah! 

I would definitely recommend watching this as soon as you can! 

PS the rant that Leo gives towards the end of the film is amazing and it’s feels like it really comes from a deep routed passion in his own life to do with climate change!

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