Red Batman Vs Irish Hawkeye

“Batman without the Cape, bloody good fun”

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

The film centres around everyone’s favourite blind crime fighting lawyer Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil played by Affleck. It starts like any other superhero flick on a young version of our hero, and his relationship with his dad. We see the relationship Matt has with his dad and he wants him to stop with this life of crime, however when he sees him taking money from someone he flees the scene and a accident happens which takes away his sight. We then get a cracking montage of both father and son training, Matt learning to use his new found echo based skills to see again and his dad to once again train to become a great boxer, also a cheeky little Stan Lee cameo as well. Unfortunately it all comes crushing down when Matt’s dad is murdered and then he decided to become Batman…sorry Daredevil and stamp out the crime in the city.
Ben Affleck in this film is the old joke Ben Affleck where everyone says he can not act ( See Family Guy and Team America for references) However I bloody love him as Daredevil, after Wolverine, Daredevil is my favourite Marvel Character and I think he does a great job at playing this hero. Alongside him is Jon Favreau yes the now Godfather of MCU, playing Matt’s law partner Foggy Nelson who provides some of the comedic elements to this film. Affleck’s now Ex wife Jennifer Garner plays Electra in this film and does give some amazing fight scenes and great montage of her working on her skills to Evanescence Bring me to life ( What a Banger ). Colin Farrell plays Daredevils nemesis Bullseye which he does the best he can, this character is more of a hired assassin than the expect killer madman we know from the comics. The second big stand out for me though is Micheal Clarke Duncan, he plays the Kingpin, he does this so well he has such a great presence menacing and built like a brick house as well.
I do like the design of this film, I know the suit caused a lot of negativity when the film came out due to it looking like a motorbike outfit, but I think it makes sense as he would of put this together himself. The fight scene in the bar now rewatching it is great and has a similar vibe to another Affleck fight scene in a warehouse as Batman. I also am a big fan of the aesthetics of hells kitchen and the use of rain gives a very dark and gloomy outlook.
Now I love this film and watched this so many times as a kid on repeat ( I know cool parents right ) but there are a few things that do really bug me about this film. Four things in particular that happen in the film. Some of the dialogue, man it makes me cringe, that bloody fight scene in the park WTF who thought that was good that voicemail from an ex saying how hes never there when she wakes up just thought this was soo odd, finally your telling me that after he has killed a man he has time to find some gasoline pure it on the floor in a perfect double DD shape for a reporter to notice and throw a cigarette on……NO WHAT….anyway that’s it for negatives.
Well if you can not tell already yes, 100000000% yes watching this again gave me a great nostalgic feeling, I love the mcu and marvel but these older films such a brilliant tone to them that still makes them enjoyable to watch.
Have you seen it what did you think let me know 🙂

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